First Flake
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As a born and our passion in White Swiss Shepherd. The wonderful passion for the dogs in our family size, in fact my wife and I we met thanks to Lucky a wonderful half-breed German shepherd who accompanied me everywhere .... Well! this and another story, I want to tell the story of Bellissima Fulga, a specimen of White Swiss Shepherd, who with her elegance and sweetness has literally captivated. I was in Italy for work, and during a video call my wife told me that he had given a beautiful White Swiss Shepherd, not knowing the race I asked him what kind of dog is it? I replied, you will definitely like! And as a German Shepherd but all white, is called Fulga and six years. For personal reasons, the owner could no longer keep her and asked neighbors if they could take care of the dog for a while, but one day the owner call them to tell him that to his regret he could not resume Fulga with it, that they could keep it or give it away, it gave to his daughter who lives in our village. After a bit 'of time the daughter realized that was not the dog he wanted, so my wife and I to adopt it. I went home, and I finally met this famous Black Dog, my wife was right, the white wolf that I had before I conquered.